The Double Eagle Grill and Bar, Aberdeen, NC

This is one of those places where you walk in and immediately feel like a regular. I’ve missed that feeling.

We grew up in small town, USA where everyone literally knows your name, your parents’ names, and likely, what you had for dinner last night. Moving from there to bustling, Colorado Springs was a bit of culture shock for us. We lived in the land of chain restaurants and suburban homes that all looked the same. I missed local, family owned places. I missed having a place I liked to meet after work for a quick drink. I missed knowing the names of my bartenders and having a a place where I could say “I’ll take the usual”.

And then we moved to Southern Pines and in Aberdeen we’ve found the small-town feel we’ve been looking for. The Double Eagle fills the void for us. Here, we feel like we’ve finally come home.

This is one of those places that jeans and a tshirt are not only ok, but seem like the appropriate uniform for patrons. This isn’t a place that you take your upscale clients to try to impress them, this is a place you take your friends because you want them to have a great meal and a good time.

The menu is smallish, but has plenty of options. My recommendation: go for a burger! They’re fab.

Great burger, hot fries and good service. Pretty much all a local pub needs to be a great gathering place.

Our service was excellent, the waitress brought out the food for the kids quickly and there were never any empty beer glasses at our table. We sat at a table by the window where we had a view of the street and the quaint downtown of Aberdeen. We ordered burgers and pulled pork, all which had great portions and were satisfying in both their flavors and their size.

This was our second visit to The Double Eagle and although I don’t remember what I had to eat the first time I was there, I do remember leaving thinking “We have to come back here again soon”!

Our QUICK CHECK for The Double Eagle Grill and Bar, Aberdeen, NC

  • Kid Friendly?  Yes, and super accommodating despite our need for TWO high chairs
  • Quality Kids Meals? Good kid’s options
  • Interesting Menu? Lots of different options and HOMEMADE cheesecake
  • Daily Specials? I’m not sure. None were mentioned
  • Beer Selection? Decent beer selection for a small bar.
  • Waitstaff? Attentive and quick. We were quickly welcomed and our kids were doted on.

Do we recommend The Double Eagle Grill and Bar?

Absolutely, and we can’t wait to become “regulars”.

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