New South Brewing, Myrtle Beach, SC

We’ve been out and about on vacation for the last week or so, and thus pretty quiet on our social media sites. We have been attempting a technology “fast” in our house where we keep off our devices more during the day in order to spend more time as a family. That’s all well and good, as long as you aren’t relying on social media to run a business…in which case, you go radio silent long enough and your followers start to drop away.

So, while on vacation we decided it’s important for us to test some of the local favorites and try to find some great food and drink along the way.

Where are the best North Carolina Microbreweries?

We’ve been seriously missing quality microbreweries since leaving Colorado Springs. (We miss you Nano!) The Sandhills are lacking in microbreweries, in general, and I think North Carolina Microbreweries are not nearly as plentiful as they ought to be. In fact, where are the good North Carolina Microbreweries? We haven’t been to any yet which have knocked our socks off. So, since we were leaving the area for the week we looked for cool breweries in Myrtle Beach instead.

And so, in Myrtle Beach, SC we discovered a hip, microbrewery: New South Brewing.

They happened to be having a release party for their Big Wooly Mammoth Imperial Stout today, and we happened to have a free afternoon to check it out. Win-win.

In an unassuming building, in an otherwise abandoned industrial area of town, we found a lively bar scene. They have great outdoor space, with plenty of room for food trucks and seating, in addition to a big, warehouse style picnic area. The beer is cold, served quickly, and available in plenty of varieties to keep every beer connoisseur happy. The staff was both knowledgable and accommodating, both important items in my book.

Great South Carolina beer choices

We tried the red, the nut brown, the peach infused white ale as well as their new releases including their coffee infused Wooly and jelly (blackberry and raspberry) infused stouts! The jelly stout is worth a trip out all by itself, but will be in super limited quantity so I suggest going immediately.

Delicious tacos were available from Nacho Hippo and Kurbside Katering was offering cheese steaks as well, although we didn’t have time to sample these, they had plenty of people waiting in line which is usually a good indication of good eats.

Our only complaints? When the bar tender announced that more than half their staff was out sick with the flu, but not to worry, they have sanitized “most” surfaces. (Maybe next time don’t tell us?!)

Industrial lighting and open brewing equipment lend a hipster vibe to the place, but the clientele is comprised more of young families and retirees. Giant carousel animals and artistic lighting features make me think they are trying just a bit too hard to be cool…but the full house and lines at the taps lead me to believe they are succeeding.

Our QUICK CHECK for New South Brewing, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Kid Friendly?  Yes, we even saw high chairs available and plenty of other kids running around. We didn’t have ours with us today, but would have felt comfortable if they had tagged along.
  • Quality Kids Meals? No onsite food options
  • Interesting Menu? There are no onsite food options but they have space outside for a food truck.
  • Daily Specials? I’m not sure. None were mentioned
  • Beer Selection? Really great options on tap ranging from white ale, to IPA to stouts and lagers.
  • Waitstaff? Attentive and quick despite a crowded tasting room and longish lines.

Do I recommend going to New South Brewing? Absolutely, and drink one for me.

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