Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe, Aberdeen, NC

You guys. My cupcake addiction is getting out of hand. I cannot help it, my sweet tooth is out of control. It used to be I could settle for a  $0.99 supermarket cupcake and be happy as a pig in shit. But now? Now I have to seek out the over priced, over frosted, over decorated cupcake of my dreams. 

Let me refresh your memory on my NC cupcake quest:


So to recap, I’ve been to CCupsCupcakery in Southern Pines a few times because we like to go to the playground in town. They definitely have the most flavor choices and it’s a convenient treat when we are in town anyway. But, the shop is small and the atmosphere is not nearly happy enough for a cupcake shop. Of course, I always have my two tag-alongs, who are loud and a little unruly sometimes so maybe that’s why we’ve gotten cross looks from the staff behind the counter.

We also take forever to decide what we want and often hold up the line deciding on our confection of choice. That being said, the customer service I’ve received there has been less than stellar. Despite their gorgeous cupcakes, I don’t like feeling like the cashier is bothered by me and my kids. So, I tend to only go when we have Mr. Hangry with us, so he can stay in the car with the terrible twosome.

But, they (the cupcakes, not the toddlers) are drool worthy and I like to stare at them longingly, if only the staff would let me. **sigh** I wish they liked me.

G. Charles Bakery

I’ve long touted the charm of G. Charles Bakery, mostly because it is super close to my house and has “cupcake Monday” where cupcakes are only $0.99. They are smaller, and only offer a few flavors but they are tasty enough and such a value. I appreciate being able to buy other treats there too like a loaf of fresh baked bread or cinnamon buns. 

Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe

Grand Opening of Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe, We’re in front of their store front in Aberdeen, NC

This week though, we went to the GRAND OPENING of Lynette’s Bakery and Café.  Not only is Lynette the absolute cutest,  but the cupcakes were light and fluffy and pretty to boot. Lynette told us about her experience at culinary school and how she immediately knew that baking was her thing. Tired of working for someone else, getting up at all hours in the morning to bake for someone else’s bakery she was determined to make a name for herself. 

So, in Aberdeen, in an unassuming store front off of Highway 5 you’ll find her sweet little sweet shop. They’re also serving some savory treats from breakfast sandwiches to simple lunch creations there’s definitely something for everyone. Including, I’m told, some pretty fab coffee drinks which I have yet to try but are definitely on my to do list. 

Cute little cupcakes

We had a pretty simple funfetti cupcake, no bells, and whistles. But it was a moist cake with pretty sprinkles which both the kids and I devoured. More than that though, we were treated kindly, warmly welcomed, and no one scowled at my wild children running around the little café. (It is definitely time to get a leash for my older toddler.) There are cozy fireside seating areas and plenty of tables to enjoy a quick bite to eat too.  They also do catering, according to the website, which might be something cool to look into for a family party or event.

She’s on Instagram at @lynettesbakerycafe & Facebook the same give her a quick follow. Or better yet, go grab yourself a cupcake or two.

Our quick check list for Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe, Aberdeen, NC

  • Kid Friendly?  Yes, mostly. They have a kids lunch menu, offer plenty of seating areas, lots of kid-friendly treats. Although I didn’t see any high chairs available so we were unable to stay and eat our treats and had to take them to go. There were several breakable décor items within my toddlers reach too, so it’s probably best to leave the littles in a stroller inside the café. 
  • Quality Kids Meals? They have a kid’s menu, but we didn’t try it because there we no high chairs and we only went for cupcakes, really. 
  • Interesting Menu?  The menu offers plenty of choices with a Cuban-American flair. 
  • Daily Specials? I’m not sure. None were mentioned but it sounds like there might be in the future. 
  • Waitstaff? It was painfully slow on opening day, maybe due in part to learning a new computer system and working all the kinks out. Or, maybe it just felt slow because my crazies were running around like madmen.  
Guava, Coconut, Cinnamon….

Do I recommend going to Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe? Absolutely. 100% and we will be back soon! 

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