Let’s be clear, I’m here for the food.

I’m the Hangry Momma. Mother of two under two and wife to the original Mr. Hangry himself. You see, food isn’t simply the way to our hearts around here, it’s the key to self survival. You feed me, you get to live…it really is that intense.

This is not a joke.

That being said, when you’re toting two toddlers you sometimes find yourself in a rut of blue box Mac and cheese, overcooked Applebee’s and overcrowded IHOPs. No one wants that.

Momma needs an occasional happy hour, a deliciously good burger, and a happy local hangout.

So, we are on a mission to locate the best food options wherever our journeys take us. Most of the time we have our two, tiny tagalongs so we need excellent food, fast service and someplace that doesn’t judge us for our unruly table companions.

But, with or without kids, a girls gotta eat. Let me show you where you should grab a bite. Come on, lets go. I’m already hungry.

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