Myrtle Beach Breakfast: Blueberry’s Grill

We used to have regular brunch spots when we lived in Colorado. Eating out to breakfast is something The Hangry Family fully supports. In fact, I would guess we eat breakfast out at least once a week, maybe more. Pancakes call to me.

But, since moving to the Sandhills we haven’t found that perfect brunch spot yet. We like unique dishes, interesting pancake combinations and fresh juices. We search out the best coffee and the best service. Mimosas and Bloody Marys, blueberry strudel pancakes and decadent french toast, omelettes for days….breakfast just makes me so happy.

Although, we have found a few diners that hit the spot we’ve not found replacements for our Colorado brunch favorites like Over Easy and Snooze. (Gosh, I miss Snooze!)

We loved Blueberry’s Grill and you will too

However, we went to Blueberry’s Grill while on a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach last week and…..drum roll please: It definitely checked all the boxes on my brunch wish list. Seems like Myrtle Beach is the place for me to run away too what with finding a brewery I like there as well!

It has a contemporary vibe with a creative menu which I was excited to try one of everything. Though I settled on the pork chop breakfast with a fluffy biscuit, (which was delicious) I very quickly lusted after my husband’s smoked salmon omelette and my mother’s biscuits and gravy. My pork was sliced thin and grilled perfectly, leaving it both moist and flavorful. (Hard to do on such a thin portion of pork!) I did snag some of my kids’ grilled & buttered blueberry muffin and wished we’d ordered a second one to-go.

I particularly loved the heavy, stoneware coffee mugs which my husband would not let me purchase to bring home. (HINT HINT: Blueberry’s Grill if you wanted to thank me for featuring you on our blog you are totally welcome to send me a mug, a red one. You can reach me on Instagram @thehangrymomma. Okaythanksbye.)

Our QUICK CHECK for Blueberry’s Grill, N. King’s HWY, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Kid Friendly?  Yes, mostly. They have high chairs and pancakes so that makes them kid friendly in our book. But, they have mostly booth style seating and you know what that means: Only room for one high chair. They did NOT have any booster seats for our Jellybean to sit in the booth so she was squirmy and difficult to manage while we were waiting for our meal to arrive.
  • Quality Kids Meals? There was no kids menu, but we ordered them a Blueberry Muffin meal to share. ($9.05 and it comes with two eggs and apples with sausage or bacon).
  • Interesting Menu?  The menu offers plenty of choices, interesting options in both the savory and sweet departments, and a really good omelette selection.
  • Daily Specials? I’m not sure. None were mentioned and we didn’t ask.
  • Beer Selection? I didn’t even notice, I was too busy reading through their extensive list of mojitos, bloody marys and mimosas.
  • Waitstaff? We had a positive experience with our waitress, although service was a bit slow. The place is hopping and she was quite busy.

Do I recommend going to Blueberry’s Grill? Absolutely, if you are going as a small party of two or three, however it was a little hectic with both of our kids and my mom in tow. I think we will be happier here without our children as its pretty busy and a bit crowded. It looks like the perfect place for a morning brunch date or a girls day out.

However: PROTIP– you can be added to the wait list online by visiting their website and thus avoid a long wait when you arrive. We checked in while we were on our way and only had a five minute wait upon arrival which was fantastic given how busy the restaurant was!

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