Sweet Carolina Ice Cream, Aberdeen , NC

Well, I’m lactose intolerant. Very lactose intolerant. But if you’ve ever stood on the street in front of the new Sweet Carolina Ice Cream shop in Aberdeen, NC then you know how hard it is to resist going in. The smell of their homemade waffle cones drifts tantalizingly down the street and despite all my better judgement, I couldn’t help myself.

The narrow storefront in downtown Aberdeen could easily be overlooked, as the entire place is about as wide as a bowling lane. (Seriously, I had trouble turning around my mammoth double stroller inside!) But, if you’re having trouble finding it just follow your nose. I wasn’t kidding about the smell of the waffle cones. Really friends, its what dreams are made of.

If the smell doesn’t help you, they’ve got a handy little sandwich board sign out in front.

Two giant coolers full of ice cream will give you plenty to choose from, and their staff is more than willing to hand you samples of each kind until you can make up your mind. In fact, their staff is also willing to hold your ice-cream, wait forever while you navigate an impossible K-turn with your giant stroller, be patient and polite when you realize you’re incredibly high maintenance with your two screaming kids and giant camera, hold your ice cream for you, hold the door for you…heck I bet I could have asked them to watch the kids for me while I popped over to the Double Eagle for a quick cocktail…

We skipped the waffle cones today, since imagined them melting down my arm and all over both children, but I’ll be back, without the kids sometime soon!

Our quick check for Sweet Carolina Ice Cream, Aberdeen, NC

  • Kid Friendly?  Yes, and welcoming to us despite my screaming two year old and giant, annoying stroller. But, note that there isn’t really any seating here. We went to a neighborhood bench to enjoy our treat.
  • Quality Kids Meals? They have a one-scoop kids sized portion
  • Interesting Menu? Varied ice cream flavors
  • Daily Specials? Not sure
  • Beer Selection? No beer, this is an ice cream place!
  • Waitstaff? Super sweet, patient, and helpful

Do we recommend Sweet Carolina Ice Cream in Aberdeen?

Absolutely. Its a fun little shop that belongs in our quaint small town. We enjoyed making it our destination for our afternoon adventure.

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