G. Charles Bakery

I’ll admit, I am addicted to cupcakes. I’m told that admitting it is the first step to coming to some sort of solution to the problem. Currently, I am enabling my daughter in her own sugar addiction and I am not ashamed. This morning we caught her climbing the kitchen drawers to reach an open box of Girl Scout cookies. Some might call that naughty, I call it innovation.

We also tried a Boston Creme cupcake and a lemon filled one. All were moist and tasty.

We stumbled upon this bakery quite by accident as their signage is a bit obscure and they are tucked in the back of a plaza, but we’re sure glad we did. I love supporting businesses run by veterans and I’m especially proud to do so when the owner is both personable and helpful while you’re in their store. We chose a few cupcakes and a couple of scones, all were delicious. We ate them before I could even remember to take a quick photo of them. **Disclaimer: I sent my parents in to grab the treats and stayed in the car with our tiny tornados, otherwise we’d have been buying several more treats than we wanted to.

(We recently bought cupcakes at another local bakery and the women working barely made eye contact with us and didn’t offer any helpful advice while choosing our pastries. But, that’s a post for another day).

The selection of flavors at G. Charles Bakery might be a bit smaller than that of some boutique cupcake store, but they make up for that by easily excelling in both flavor and price! We’ll be back for more. Probably often. Probably more than we should. Probably will gain 5 or 6 pounds…

Chocolate with a rich chocolate filling. Yum!

Help them out by following them on instagram @gcharlesbakery and swing by on MONDAYS when their cupcakes are priced at a deep discount!

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