Why we read reviews:

There’s a reason we read reviews. We don’t want to pay for a subpar meal obviously, but we also want to spend our money on places that are fun and at businesses which deserve our support. I also am willing to drive the extra mile for the nation’s best mac and cheese or fresh lobster roll, just sayin’.

The cool thing about reviewing restaurants in a blog is to have some influence over consumers. I get to tell you what tastes great, and then you get to make up your own mind. It is rewarding for me when my recommendations can have some pull as to where you have your next meal.

I used to meticulously comb through reviews on yelp and read blogs to see whether that deli across the street is a dump or someplace I’d like to give a try. 

The problem with Jimmy Yelper is: He says the burgers are horrible and the service is crap. However, I don’t know what Jimmy thinks is a great burger, and maybe he just doesn’t like that particular waitress. I want to know the details, I want to know about the best burger he’s ever eaten, I want to know that the waitress dropped hot coffee on his genitals…if I don’t know what he thinks is a good burger, than his opinion on a bad one truly doesn’t matter.

The bottom line is, I like to eat. I like to eat at places that make me feel good, are nice to my kids and have a heavy hand with their wine pours. I also like to high-five the places that are stellar in their service, and so I do so with a blog post. Sometimes I hit them up on social media, promote them on Facebook or highlight them on Instagram (@thehangrymomma). I will never say nice things about a business that is crap. Sometimes I get paid to mention companies and restaurants in my social media accounts, but I always tell the truth. If I hate it, you’ll know. If the food is great but the ambiance is off putting, I’ll explain. If the cupcakes are glorious, I will not be sharing a bite. Of these things you can be sure.

Its’s true, if you can get reviewers to say something positive about your restaurant, it could boost traffic to your business. But, it is also true that you gain exposure through conflict as well. Here, you’ll get a bit of both.

So, here we go. Hand me my fork…. Oh, and for fuck sake, bring my kid some crackers please.

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